Bedworth Lions Club Was Formed in 1977 to serve the community of Bedworth, Bulkington & surrounding areas. We have 13 members who are based locally, whose aim is to raise money for community needs and also to carry out community services.

Over the years Bedworth Lions Club rendered assistance to countless individuals who have problems in their lives. This of course is done whilst usually maintaining a high level of confidentiality. The club is very active, usually raising in excess of £10,000 in a year, with no costs taken for administration. Not all activities are concerned with fund raising; there several projects each year that require doing rather than throwing money at them.

Bedworth Lions Club consists of people devoted to helping others, whilst enjoying the fun & fellowship within their club, in the community and the Lions Clubs International organisation.

Bedworth Lions Club is proud to be twinned with The Lions Club Of Kathmandu Universe.
Bedworth Lions Club is part of Lions Clubs International, the largest service organisation in the world. It has a permanent seat at the United Nations. There are over 1.3 Million Lions worldwide, active in around 42,00 towns & cities in more than 200 countries.

Bedworth Lions Club contribute to the wider community by supporting eye camps & medication to prevent blindness in the third world. We also support water aid projects bringing much needed water to arid areas of this planet.

Lions Clubs International are both non-sectarian and non- political. Although the name Lions is often used in connection with Rugby clubs, be assured we are not a Rugby Football Club or other sports organisation.

We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month, interested coming to a meeting please email